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  • Skills development, youth and female empowerment: Generation Transformer Programme: Intergenerational poverty in Nigeria is pervasive, due to the challenges with the tertiary education as well as low quality skills-based training. WASHMATA conceptualized the Generation T program in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Water Resources and the Network of Female Professionals in WASH in Nigeria. In this program selected youths will be empowered to engage in income generating projects by being provided with certified training in WASH related skills; after which they will be engaged in income generating WASH projects. The first batch of students have been provided with a scholarship for a 3-month certificate course in plumbing at the Gateway Industrial and Petro-gas training institute.


  • Continuous Capacity Development of WASH Professionals In Nigeria: WASHMATA Initiatives has facilitated an agreement with the Water Institute of South Africa (WISA) to facilitate  capacity building of the sector through certified training by WASHMATA and WISA


  • Covid-19 response: Development of pictoral behaviour change communication materials for public health using the F-diagram to communicate the barriers and contamination route of the corona virus to those with and without formal education.


  • Covid -19 Response: Provision of water supply and hygiene materials and food relief materials in an urban slum in Federal Capital Territory of Abuja, Nigeria
  • Covid-19 response: Advocacy to government and other stakeholders about the importance of WASH in the prevention and response to covid-19 using newspapers and direct interactions with government.


  • Covid-19 response: Development of position paper for covid-19 response in Nigeria


  • Covid-19 response: Drafting of the concept note for the covid-19 response by the Federal Ministry of Water Resources


  • Covid-19 response: Development of assessment criteria guidance for handwashing technology for innovators and investors


  • WASH for the most vulnerable: Demonstrating the use of a vulnerability risk assessment model to reach the most vulnerable with water supply in the hard-to-reach areas of a local government area in the Federal Capital of Nigeria with funding from the Bank of Industry, Nigeria

  • Operational Research in Sustainability in WASH: Implementation of a water supply project to demonstrate the use of community level ownership, operation and maintenance, to enhance sustainability in urban poor areas of Federal Capital Territory Abuja. Implementation of a water supply project using vulnerability risk assessments