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Prof. Mynepali K.C. Sridhar

Technical Director


Professor MKC Sridhar obtained his BSc. degree in Environmental Health from Andhra University (BSc) Waltair,   MSc in Environmental Health from the MS University of Baroda, and PhD in Environmental Health from the  Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Most Recent Experience and Consultancies

Professor of Environmental Health, and Consultant to the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Faculty of Public Health, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Professor Sridhar revived the interest in solid waste management applying the 3R principles (now 5Rs) and immensely contributed to large scale application of composting, biogas and waste to energy technologies. He initiated ‘Renewable Resources Centre’ in the University of Ibadan in 2013 where over 25 viable waste to energy turnkey projects in resource conservation and recycling are showcased for ready commercialization.  He is a member of several scientific organizations in the areas of Environment and Health and has supervised over 350 postgraduate students on environmental health projects.

He obtained over 12 patents, published several books, technical reports and over 350 scientific papers in International Journals. He travelled widely and spent several periods in USA (Cornell), Switzerland (EAWAG), Denmark (Chemcontrol), Lebanon (American University of Beirut), Kuwait (Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research), and University of The Gambia. Received the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, prestigious ‘Outstanding Researcher’ award in the year 2016.

 Donor Relations

Most of his researches have been operational researches funded by development partners to solve WASH and environmental problems. As a consultant to UNICEF  he worked on WASH in about 9 States in Nigeria); for  UNDP  Professor Sridhar developed community scale organic fertilizer plant from market wastes; in collaboration with UNHABITAT  he developed waste segregation and recycling in communities, and  with support of the World Bank he conducted action research and capacity building in Healthcare waste management . He led the Bill and Melinda Gates Multi-country Study on landscaping waste to wealth opportunities in sanitation.